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At Forbes Design Center we work with you to fully understand your specific needs and preferences when it comes to selecting your windows. We take the time to get to know you and the vision for your home. You don’t need to sacrifice style for strength and durability. From new construction to historic restoration, we work with you every step of the way to find the perfect fit.

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Marvin Windows

Forbes Design Center is proud to partner with Marvin Windows. Experience customizable design options and modern features, see all we have to offer.

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Ultrex Windows vs. Vinyl Windows

We consider every detail from appearance to energy efficiency to give you high-quality windows custom made to fit your home. That’s why we’re proud to carry Marvin Windows and Integrity Windows to ensure your windows are durable and dependable. In our family’s 70 years of experience, we have learned that windows expand and contract with changing temperatures. Our team has worked with a variety of window materials, seeing first-hand this high level of expansion lead to distortion, seal failures and stress fractures in vinyl windows. Our expertise takes the guesswork out of the selection process for you as we provide high-performance, customizable Integrity Windows made from Ultrex fiberglass to give you the best options that are ultra-durable and built to last. Compared to vinyl, Ultrex has an extremely low rate of contraction, leading to lower levels of distortion and ultimately a longer life for your window.

Thermal Expansion and Contraction of Ultrex vs. Other Materials

Compared to vinyl, Ultrex has an extremely low rate of contraction, leading to lower levels of distortion and ultimately a longer life for your window.

  • Ultrex

  • Glass

  • Vinyl/Wood Composite (FIBREX)

  • Vinyl

Weather Sensitive to changes in weather Virtually weather resistant, perfect choice for any climate
Contraction / Expansion High rate of thermal contraction and expansion Extremely low rate of thermal contraction and expansion
Durability Expansion leads to leaks, cracks, seal failures, and distortion causing the window to fail Low expansion measurements result in a stronger, more durable window

Additional Window Services

Energy efficient wooden replacement windows without compromising your home’s architectural structure.

Wooden replacement windows are perfect for older homes wanting to maintain a traditional appearance. The strength and beauty of these windows create a warm and inviting look that cannot be replicated. Natural wood grain customized to your design specifications gives your home an elegant, one of a kind look. The low thermal expansion of these windows naturally insulates while standing up to the harsh outdoor elements.

The natural beauty and strength of wood frame windows elevates the overall aesthetic and value of your home. A solid frame improves the efficiency of the windows while being strong enough to withstand the effects of the elements outside. Flexible natural materials allow wood frame windows to be customized to fit existing window openings, making them a natural choice for wooden replacement windows.


  • Classic, solid, authentic material create a look no other material can replicate.
  • Natural insulating properties improve the overall efficiency of the window and your home.
  • Fully customizable in shape and color; can be painted or stained to match any design scheme.
  • Authentic materials increase the value of your home.
  • Preserve the traditional look and structural integrity of historic windows.
  • Low-maintenance and high-quality aren’t mutually exclusive. Pella combines an exterior finish with an exclusive wood protection material to keep your home looking beautiful without a lot of work.

Windows have historically been one of the most important elements of a home’s architecture. Preserving these historic windows maintains your home’s structural integrity as well as the initial investment put into the home. The style and materials used to construct your historic home cannot be replicated, making historic window restoration essential to protecting your home’s historical significance and overall value. With natural insulating properties, wood was a popular choice for the construction of historic windows. For windows that are beyond restoration, wooden replacement windows are crafted to meet specific historic criteria and maintain your home’s traditional appearance.


  • Precise installation is important to ensure the window functions at its optimal performance level
  • Proper maintenance, such as weatherstripping, improves the overall efficiency of historic windows and maximizes their lifespan
  • Restoring historic windows preserves the architectural integrity of your home
  • Marvin replacement windows are customized to fit pre-existing window openings, making them an excellent option should your windows be beyond restoration

No matter the scope of your project, we’ll help you find the perfect Marvin windows to fit your home.

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