Mt. De Sales Academy- Historic Restoration


Mt. De Sales Academy- Historic Restoration

Client: Mt. De Sales Academy ○ Style: Historic Renovation ○ Location: Catonsville, MD ○
Completion Date: August 2017


Mt. De Sales academic excellence begin with their pride in traditions.  The school knew the importance of updating the original features to preserve the building in its entirety. A priority of this project was to match any new additions to the historic, traditional, feel of their campus and of the main entryway.


After examine the historic details of the building, and discussing potential solutions with the school, our team set to work trying to match the arched openings on the exterior of the building while still and maintaining the original interior profiles of the windows. We focused on implementing a solution which combined traditional elegance with modern functionality and durability.


JC Porter Construction hired Forbes Design Center to provide the best possible solution. Our team installed Marvin’s Ultimate Magnum Single Hung windows to create a beautiful finished product. This window combines modern material with a classic and beautiful style. The single hung window gave the school a fixed top sash as well as a movable bottom sash. Marvin’s advanced product development techniques in combination with our team’s high quality installation, completed by certified installation experts, ensures that Mt. De Sales’ newest windows will last a lifetime.

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