Your doors set the stage for your home. While all doors function as an entrance and exit, the right door has the ability to create a grand entrance. It can serve as a gateway to connect your indoor living space to your outdoor patio oasis. It can add elegance to a room while giving you a spectacular view. The possibilities are endless.


Types of Doors

We know there are a lot of options, but you don’t have to be the expert – that’s where we come in. With over 70 years of combined experience in the home improvement industry, we’ve worked with a variety of styles and materials to fit the specific needs of each project. Our expertise with Upstate Doors, Marvin Doors and Integrity Doors ensures you’re receiving a premium product with unparalleled service. We take the time to understand the look and feel you want to achieve and present you with tailored options that capture your vision.

Marvin Doors

Forbes Design Center is proud to partner with Marvin Doors. Experience customizable design options and modern features, see all we have to offer.

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Scenic Doors

Choose the perfect frame for your view while connecting your indoor living space to your outdoor area.

Marvin Ultimate Multi-Slide Door
Marvin Bi-Fold Door
Marvin Ultimate Life and Slide Door

Upstate Doors

Custom front door solutions at a great value. Offering two product lines to fit your unique needs.

Distinctive Door Solutions
Sun Dor Classics

Integrity Doors

Hand-crafted doors made with Ultrex for the ultimate high-performance door.
Sliding Patio
Sliding French
Inswing French
Outswing French

Additional Door Options

Preserve history and maintain your home’s character with historic door restoration.

Owning a historic home is owning a piece of history. With distinguished character and charm, these homes posses unmatched design elements making them a perfect setting for weddings, parties, and other special events. The Historic Doors in these homes serve a special purpose, revealing integral aspects of the original architectural style.

We work with you to help you protect that original style while upgrading those unique pieces to keep your home safe and sound for many years to come.

Considerations For A Historic Door Restoration

  • Historic door restoration returns the door to its original appearance while also improving the door’s efficiency by addressing gaps and cracks that may have occurred over time.
  • Wood door restoration is available as many historic doors are made of wood due to its thermal insulating properties.
  • Many states, cities, and towns offer financial incentives to homeowners to maintain the home’s historical integrity.

A historic home captures the charm and style unique to the time it was constructed. From its past residents and house guests to its design elements, a historic home has a unique character and personality. As the house settles and is lived in over the years, elements of the home can become worn and damaged. Doors become stuck and hardware breaks, leaving the door no longer functional. Paint chips off creating inconsistencies in the appearance. Gaps between the door and frame have become bigger over time, creating drafts. Before replacing the doors all together, it’s important to consider historic door restoration.


We are onsite with your contractor the day of installation to ensure the door is installed properly and functions correctly from the start. We serve as your one-stop resource center, providing you direct access to our knowledge and expertise with Marvin doors.

  • Wood door restoration restores your door to its original appearance while maintaining the structurally integrity and character of the home
  • Historic homes often have wood doors, due to the natural insulating properties of wood, making them highly efficient.
  • To retain your door’s thermal properties, proper installation and regular maintenance is critical
  • Caulking to ensure leaks are sealed and applying weather stripping as necessary are key for optimal functionality

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