From code compliance to structural review, we see the big picture. We offer solutions accordingly to ultimately save you time and money.


Importance of Engineering

Addressing problems and concerns at the start of any project is critical to completing it on time and on budget. We take the hands-on approach, working directly with your architect, builder and supplier to address any issues upfront and minimize the chance for unexpected costs and delays.

Our Engineering Services Include

  • House plan review
  • House plan design
  • Home remodel design
  • Coding compliance (resolve)
  • Deck design
  • Structural review
  • Structural review
  • Home inspection
  • Retaining wall design

A well-defined and thought out house plan design is critical to the successful execution of your project. It clearly defines your vision and sets expectations on both timeline and budget estimates. As we understand your vision, we develop a house plan design built to your project’s needs and specifications.

What we include in developing your house plan:

  • Coding compliance
  • Design layout and structure type: including single family home, multi-family, and duplex
  • Architectural style: traditional, historical, Victorian, Colonial, Mediterranean and more
  • Foundations: slab, pier post beam, pier, basement, and crawl space
    Floor plans, layouts, and room features: including master suite, guest suite, and walk in closet
  • Square footage: overall and individual rooms
  • Number of floors and location of bedrooms
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Outdoor spaces: courtyard, loft balcony, wrap around porch, and sunroom


  • Access to an exclusive design and product resource. With our industry experience and product knowledge we provide specific insight into your project
  • Quality engineering services to save time and money
  • We work with you through all stages of your project, from design, product selection and purchase, to installation and post-installation maintenance

Remodeling projects require permits to ensure the design and construction are done safely and up to code. Coding compliance varies on the state and local level, including standards on everything from ceiling height, building materials, and construction technique. Failure to obtain a permit prior to construction not only subjects you to fines, it also compromises the integrity of your home’s structure and the safety of your family.

Coding compliance can be a complex, confusing process, but it doesn’t have to be. As we build out your house design plan we work with your contractor and builder to understand these codes and make sure the proper permits have been obtained. Our engineering services resolve any coding compliance issues before your project is started, ultimately saving time and money.

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