Historic Window Restoration


Windows have historically been one of the most important elements of a home’s architecture. Preserving these historic windows maintains your home’s structural integrity as well as the initial investment put into the home. The style and materials used to construct your historic home cannot be replicated, making historic window restoration essential to protecting your home’s historical significance and overall value. With natural insulating properties, wood was a popular choice for the construction of historic windows. For windows that are beyond restoration, wooden replacement windows are crafted to meet specific historic criteria and maintain your home’s traditional appearance.

Historic Window Restoration Considerations

  • Precise installation is important to ensure the window functions at its optimal performance level
  • Proper maintenance, such as weatherstripping, improves the overall efficiency of historic windows and maximizes their lifespan
  • Restoring historic windows preserves the architectural integrity of your home
  • Marvin replacement windows are customized to fit pre-existing window openings, making them an excellent option should your windows be beyond restoration