Coding Compliance


Remodeling projects require permits to ensure the design and construction are done safely and up to code. Coding compliance varies on the state and local level, including standards on everything from ceiling height, building materials, and construction technique. Failure to obtain a permit prior to construction not only subjects you to fines, it also compromises the integrity of your home’s structure and the safety of your family.

Coding compliance can be a complex, confusing process, but it doesn’t have to be. As we build out your house design plan we work with your contractor and builder to understand these codes and make sure the proper permits have been obtained. Our engineering services resolve any coding compliance issues before your project is started, ultimately saving time and money.

Historic window restoration

Maintain your home’s historic integrity with premium options for your historic window restoration.

Wood frame windows

Flexible material to be customized for any shape or style for your wood frame windows.

Historic windows

Proper care is required to maintain your historic windows.