Wood Door Restoration


A historic home captures the charm and style unique to the time it was constructed. From its past residents and house guests to its design elements, a historic home has a unique character and personality. As the house settles and is lived in over the years, elements of the home can become worn and damaged. Doors become stuck and hardware breaks, leaving the door no longer functional. Paint chips off creating inconsistencies in the appearance. Gaps between the door and frame have become bigger over time, creating drafts. Before replacing the doors all together, it’s important to consider historic door restoration.

Considerations for Wood Door Restoration

We are onsite with your contractor the day of installation to ensure the door is installed properly and functions correctly from the start. We serve as your one-stop resource center, providing you direct access to our knowledge and expertise with Marvin doors.

  • Wood door restoration restores your door to its original appearance while maintaining the structurally integrity and character of the home
  • Historic homes often have wood doors, due to the natural insulating properties of wood, making them highly efficient.
  • To retain your door’s thermal properties, proper installation and regular maintenance is critical
  • Caulking to ensure leaks are sealed and applying weather stripping as necessary are key for optimal functionality