What to Consider Before Installing Sliding Doors

Building a deck or patio also means creating a harmonizing doorway that is both stylish and practical. Sliding doors are a popular choice, but what should homeowners consider before installing them? Here, the design specialists at Forbes Design Center detail considerations that should happen before installing sliding doors.

Energy Efficiency

As sliding doors are made of several glass panes, you will want to consider the energy efficiency of the materials used. Sliding doors made of double- or triple-paned glass, especially those with Low-e coating, maximize energy efficiency, and keep conditioned air inside the home, regardless of season. It is also important to choose a high-quality weather stripping for the bottoms and sides of the doors, to ensure air will not seep in through any cracks.

Available Space

While sliding doors can maximize patio and deck space, they will require a large wall to be installed. If wall space is limited, a sliding door may not be possible. Although sliding doors require more wall space, they do allow for more light and airflow, bringing the outdoors into your home.

Material Preferences

Wooden door frames can be aesthetically appealing, but are prone to rot, warping and other structural failures, leading to a need for continuous upkeep and maintenance. Fiberglass is a choice with fewer maintenance needs. Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL), used in Lemieux doors, is a door material that provides the natural beauty of wood, but the warp-resistance of vinyl.

Security and Privacy Concerns

While sliding doors can provide light and beautiful outdoor views, they can also provide views inside—creating concerns about safety and privacy. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions to get the best of security and aesthetic design. Sliding shades can be built directly into the panes, and rolling shades can also be employed. Clear window film can also be used to allow in light, but distort the interior view of the home, preventing nosy neighbors or unscrupulous trespassers from seeing inside.

If sliding door hardware is too minimal to allay your security concerns, it can easily be replaced or bolstered by more secure hardware, increasing safety. Forbes Design Center has a wide array of hardware for even the most discerning homeowner to choose from. Sliding doors are also often installed in the back of the home, leaving them more vulnerable to break-ins. Choosing sliding door materials that are shatter-resistant or shatter-proof will ensure a safe and beautiful doorway. Also consider a door alarm, which is a practical solution regardless of the type of door you have.

How Forbes Design Center Can Help

As experts with years’ worth of door-installing experience, our knowledgeable technicians at Forbes Design Center work hard to provide your home with the sliding doors it needs. A mix of beauty, strength, security and practicality, our wide range of sliding and traditional doors will be sure to provide you with a bevy of options that will be perfect for your home.

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