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A closer look at vinyl vs fiberglass windows

As fall approaches, the change in season presents a great opportunity to take a closer look at vinyl vs fiberglass windows. Did you know that windows expand and contract with changing temperatures? High levels of expansion can lead to the following issues in vinyl windows:

  1. Distortion – The connection of window frame with the wall becomes jeopardized and the opening allows hot and cold air to freely flow in and out of our house.
  2. Seal Failures – Foggy windows are a great indicator that the seal around the window has failed. As the seal breaks down, the moisture slips right in and fogs the glass.
  3. Stress Fractures – As the window expands and contracts, it puts strain on the glass to bend with it.

If you have noticed any of the above symptoms in your windows or higher energy bills, it is time to think about new windows. When you’re deciding on replacement windows, invest in a product that you will not have to replace each year. In the Forbes family’s 70 years of experience, our team has worked with a variety of window materials and we recommend Integrity® by Marvin® Windows made from Ultrex fiberglass to ensure your replacement windows are durable and dependable.


The Integrity® line of windows are made with a high-strength fiberglass that is tested to withstand the harsh climate change of the Mid-Atlantic. And not only is Ultrex strong, it is beautiful! Just stop by our showroom to see for yourself.

Let Forbes Design Center take care of your replacement windows now so you can weather the change of season with peace of mind, and ‘wow’ your family and friends this holiday season.


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