Tips for Updating Your Entryway

The entryway of your home makes a huge first impression on guests, so naturally you want it to be appealing and welcoming. Here, the experts at Forbes Design Center detail ways to redefine the entryway to your home.

Keep the Area Clean

Even the most beautifully crafted door will not stand out in an entryway covered in clutter and dirt. Regularly sweep and power wash the front stoop or porch, and give the front mat a regular cleaning. Keep plants and knickknacks to a tasteful minimum: you want just enough to provide aesthetic appeal, but not so many it overwhelms the door.

Create Balance and Symmetry

Do you have potted flowers on the left side of the entryway, but not the right side? Adding another pot to the other side will balance the appearance of the entryway, increasing the aesthetic appeal. If you dislike a perfectly regimented look, try balancing an entryway with different pieces that harmonize: for example, a bronze-tone potted plant with a bronze-tone statue on the other side. Choosing pieces with similar colors, designs or sizes will create a unique, but harmonious style.

Try a New Coat of Paint

The front door receives a lot of daily abuse, especially when children, pets or harsh climates are involved. Regularly freshening up the front door and trim with a coat of paint can make your door look brand new. For something subtle, try a color that matches, or is a varying shade of your window shutters. For a bolder look, painting the door in a complimentary color (think of your art-class color wheel: blue is across from orange, red across from green, etc.) will make the entryway pop.

Replace Old Door Hardware

When it comes to your entryway, the details matter. Old, rusted door hardware is uninviting to guests: updating it, even without replacing the door, can make a huge difference in the overall look and appeal of the entryway. Hardware comes in infinite styles, from simple, no-frills locks to crystal and ornamented handles: choose the style that best complements your aesthetic, as well as the overall architectural style of your home.

Upgrade to a New Door

Sometimes, an entryway needs to be completely revamped. Signs that your front door needs replacing include: warping, rusting, structural or insect damage, difficulty opening or closing, moisture, mildew or mold in between panes of glass and air leakage under the doorway. If any of these are the case, or your doorway is simply an outdated style, consider replacing it—not only will it increase the aesthetic quality of the entryway, but it will increase the value of your home and cut down on energy costs.

Rely on Forbes Design Center for Your Entryway Needs

Whether a simple hardware upgrade, or an entirely new door, Forbes Design Center wants to help you create the home of your dreams. With our certified, professional staff, you can rest assured knowing that your new entryway will be beautiful, safe and energy-efficient.

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