Single, Double and Triple-Paned Windows: The Pros and Cons

Double- and triple-paned windows have become increasingly popular, but are they always ideal for every window renovation project? Here, the window and door design experts at Forbes Design Center explain the pros and cons of single-, double- and triple-paned windows.

What are Double- and Triple-Paned Windows?

Double- and triple-paned windows, also known as Insulated Glass Units (IGUs), are windows with multiple panes of glass, surrounded by an insulating layer of air or clear, odorless gas, like argon or krypton. A variety of brands make multi-paned windows, including Marvin, a brand well-regarded in the window industry for beautiful design and durable products.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Single-, Double- and Triple-Paned Windows

Although single-paned windows are not often used anymore, they are the most inexpensive window option available, so they are good for those on a budget. They are also useful for garages, sheds and other structures which require very little insulation or security.

Double- and triple-paned windows are far more energy efficient than single-paned windows, keeping hot air in during the winter and preventing cool air from escaping during the summer. The Low-E coating found on many multi-paned windows further cuts down on energy costs by blocking harmful UV rays from heating up the interior of the home.

Besides potentially saving you up to 50% on your energy bill, multi-paned windows are also more effective at blocking outside noises. They are also more secure; resisting cracking and shattering better than single-paned windows. Unfortunately, they are much more expensive than single-paned windows, with triple-paned windows being the most expensive. However, there energy-saving benefits make them a worthwhile long-term investment, as they can save you hundreds of dollars over the span of their lifetime.

Maximizing the Energy-Efficient Qualities of Your Double- and Triple-Paned Windows

While multi-paned windows are touted as being majorly energy efficient, their energy efficiency cannot be maximized unless a full-house insulation effort is made. If your home has minimally insulated walls or attic spaces, energy efficient windows will not be able to work as well as they could. Consider having an insulation expert do a full inspection of your home, identifying any weak spots. Dealing with these first will make multi-paned windows a smarter investment. Furthermore, investing in fiberglass window frames, instead of traditional wood frames, will also go a long way to creating a more energy-efficient home, as they resist warping and leaking better than wooden frames.

How Forbes Design Center Can Create an Energy-Efficient Plan for Your Home

At Forbes Design Center, we believe in windows and doors that are both beautiful and practical. With a wide array of multi-paned and energy efficient options, you are sure to find the perfect choice for your home. With the help of our experienced and knowledgeable staff, your windows will be installed with the greatest level of care and attention possible, ensuring your home will look beautiful, conserve more energy and keep your family safe for years to come.

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