How to Know When Your Windows Should Be Replaced

Windows, like all other home features, eventually require replacement, but how can you tell when its time to start that process? Here, the window specialists at Forbes Design Center detail common reasons why you may need to replace your windows.

They Have Wear and Damage

The most obvious sign your windows need replacing is damage or wear, especially to the window sash, pane or frame. While some problems may leave a window functional, and others can easily be repaired—like worn weather-stripping or broken hardware—some more serious damage is best fixed by an entire window replacement. Windows that are difficult to open or close are also good candidates for replacement. Forgoing replacement may cause problems to worsen, leading to unwanted heat, cold air, water or debris to get inside your home.

They are Single-Pane Windows

Single-pane windows are notoriously energy inefficient, and allow for major heat transfer to occur between outside and inside spaces. These issues can cause a serious increase in your energy bill—up to a 10-25% increase can be attributed to energy inefficient windows. If you have double- or triple-paned windows, but there is fog or condensation between the panes, this is a sign they are not working properly, and should be replaced as well.

You Have Noise Problems

Modern window styles are not only more energy efficient, but also help to prevent exterior noise from reaching the indoors. Older windows will do little to dull outdoor noises, which can contribute to poor sleep and distraction. Replacing these windows will allow your home to be a peaceful haven.

You Want to Give Your Home a Makeover

Your windows are like the eyes of your home, and make a huge impression on loved ones and strangers alike. Your house is more likely to look old and worn if the windows are dated. If you are looking to renovate your home, consider replacing your windows—it also provides an opportunity to completely change the aesthetic and function of windows, including adding more of them or making them bigger to promote more light or air flow.

You’re Renovating a Historic Home

Historic homes require acute attention to detail, and this should include considerations made about the windows. A previous owner who was unconcerned about historical accuracy or aesthetic appeal may have replaced windows with cheap vinyl or other options. Marvin windows, used by Forbes Design Center, have a wide array of window choices that can be custom-constructed to perfectly fit your historic renovation project, maintaining the charm and appeal of your home.

How Forbes Design Center Can Help

As mentioned, windows are a critical part of your home’s beauty, safety and integrity. It is critical that they are properly maintained, repaired and replaced when needed. By understanding what to look for before replacing your windows, you can make the best decisions for your home. At Forbes Design Center, our expert technicians know all there is to know about window repair, replacement and maintenance, ensuring your window-fixing experience is the best it can be. And, with our energy-efficient and aesthetically appealing options, every homeowner can find the perfect windows for them.

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